Trial Master File Management

  • End-to-End TMF Management

    Complete end-to-end eTMF management within sponsor-owned eTMF systems or Vanguard Clinicals’ in-house eTMF system, Veeva Vault, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and innovation.

  • eTMF Implementation

    Leading implementation projects for sponsor-owned eTMF systems, Vanguard Clinical ensures seamless integration and training, driven by our dedication to excellence.

  • eTMF System Administration

    Offering ongoing eTMF system administration support, Vanguard Clinical ensures smooth operations and user satisfaction, guided by our commitment to co-active communication.

  • Process Development

    Expertly crafted process development and optimization, including TMF Plan and Index templates, reflect our dedication to enhancing inspection readiness and overall trial efficiency.

  • TMF Migrations and Remediations

    Providing full support from planning to execution for TMF migration and remediation endeavors, Vanguard Clinical ensures seamless transitions and compliance with the highest standards.

  • Governance and Quality Assessments

    Establishing robust TMF Health metrics and governance structures, Vanguard Clinical provides real-time insights into study TMF health, ensuring inspection readiness and integrity in every aspect of our operations.

  • Dedicated TMF Manager

    Vanguard has a single point of contact for the client’s TMF projects to ensure quality, complete, and timely clinical trial documentation.