Study Start-up

  • Study Start-Up Oversight, Workflow Management, and Document Collection

    Tailored solutions for workflow management and document collection, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and excellence from the outset.

  • Site Identification/Feasibility

    Utilizing multiple sources for evidence-based site and investigator identification, Vanguard Clinical ensures optimal site selection and robust partnership.

  • Site Budget Development

    Customized budget templates aligned with fair market value (FMV) benchmarks, illustrating our commitment to optimizing sponsor investments, with a focus on transparency and fairness in financial management.

  • Site Budget Negotiations

    Efficiently negotiating budget solutions agreeable to all involved parties, Vanguard Clinical fosters seamless negotiations and strong partnerships with our clients and sites, to foster collaborative success at every step.

  • Site Contract Negotiations

    Skillful and principled negotiation of Clinical Trial Agreements, Confidential Disclosure Agreements, and related contracts, embodying our commitment to integrity in all business interactions.